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Is it better to be celibate for life or make the ultimate sacrifice? What’s her choice? The True Meaning of Christmas Holly Kinsella presents in her novella ‘Tell Him About It’ a heart-warming Christmas tale. The story revolves around a young woman, Sara who is thrown into a dilemma regarding her choice between to remain a virgin for life or make a life-changing decision. The protagonist is named Sara. She lives in England with her parents and enjoys having many friends. She is a typical young woman who believes in honesty and purity. She is not one to experiment with sex or other immoral activities. The story starts with Sara leaving for university. It is her first day there and the first of many. She is overwhelmed by the new environment. The first day goes by fine and she meets her roommate. He is a nice guy who is clean and pure. They get along well and have a pleasant time together. The roommate who is named Justin, is the first person Sara has met since the death of her beloved father. Sara grows fond of the roommate and feels she can confide in him. She shares with him her concerns regarding the death of her father. Justin is a nice person who sympathizes with Sara and understands her plight. He listens patiently as she speaks of her worries and explains how her life has changed. While speaking to Justin, Sara learns that her father had been taken away for the murder of a friend who had been blackmailing him. He was sentenced to death by the media and for some reason he had hanged himself. During the trial, Sara’s father was portrayed as a hero and her mother was a wicked evil woman who had conspired with the friend in planning the murder. Justin has come to the conclusion that the entire story was fabricated and the whole incident was a media hoax designed to tarnish the image of the father. While these discoveries come as shocking news to Sara, her roommate, and the rest of the family, she believes her father must have committed a crime and must be punished. While staying at the university for the Christmas holidays, Justin learns he has to leave for the USA soon for a job. He tries to console Sara for the loss. The young man is a nice person and understands Sara’s plight. He doesn’t pressure her to make a choice in the matter. His advice is to be honest. If she is honest, she will be




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HD Online Player (tengo Ganas De Ti Full Movie Srpski ) fechnann

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