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With all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the lock down being extended for another 3 weeks, many couples had to make the difficult decision to postpone or cancel their 2020 wedding and as stressful as it is, we want you to be rest assured that this too shall pass, and that you will get the opportunity to celebrate with your family and loved ones very soon.

If you have decided to postpone your wedding, this is the best time to go through your numbers and think about all the details. Whether bigger or smaller, let the next couple of weeks give you a headstart on your planning journey. As we are bringing this blog series to a close, today we want to talk about your wedding date and how to make the right decision for your big day. Once you get engaged the first thing everybody wants to know is ‘Have you set the date?’. This piece of information is pivotal to the planning process as it will determine the budget, schedule of yourselves and loved ones and the most important: VENUE AVAILABILITY.

A good question to ask yourselves is which season will best capture your vision of what your wedding should look like. Is it outside and warm, or is it cold and cosy?

Peak Seasons:

Different seasons offer different atmospheres and natural colours that can enhance the overall tone of the day. Summer and spring weddings are notorious for being very expensive and due to the high demand, in-season vendor rates will be significantly more expensive (think April-August) than less popular wedding dates (like November-February). During peak season competition is rife in terms of booking favourite venues and vendors since it is such a popular time to get married. Please be aware that you may not get your first choice in all areas of your wedding and with the number of events and other weddings during that season some of your guests may not be able to attend.

Bonus Tip: When choosing your wedding theme really think about the budget, are you willing to pay double, maybe triple the amount for the same wedding in the summer than in the winter.

Wedding Attire:

  • In terms of weather, if the dress you envisioned yourself wearing is a contemporary lightweight strapless gown would you be able to brave the cold in the winter months or if your husband and his groomsmen are wearing three piece suits will they be able to manage the heat during the summer. These are important factors to think about as compromising on comfort can have a huge impact on your mood on your wedding day.

Floral availability:

  • If you are adamant on the type of floral arrangement you desire, you will need to choose a date when these are in season. Especially if you are using fresh flowers as they are more expensive than faux flowers. But more importantly, you risk paying double, even triple if they are not in season.

  • Depending on the season, certain colours are not as easy to find, orange, yellow and reds are warm autumn/winter colours, while pastels are more spring/summer.

  • With that in mind, purple and blue flowers all year round are difficult to find. For instance, lily of the valley (Megan Markle's wedding flowers) bloom for only 3-4 weeks in the whole year.

Question to ask yourself: How important is the type of flower and its colours? Will it dictate the season in which you choose to marry? If so, is that something that you are okay with?

Theme Colour:

  • If you love pastel tones, like peaches and sages setting your wedding during the warmer months would accentuate that airy and whimsical ambience that is created with these tones.

  • Whereas, if you prefer darker and warmer tones like oranges, rich shades of purple and burgundy then setting your wedding during the colder months would be best.

Wedding venue

Your wedding venue will determine the amount of guests you can invite, the location of your wedding and of course the theme and styling too. This will take a big chunk out of your wedding budget; therefore the last thing you want is for it to clash with the wedding theme.

Bonus Tip: If possible, try to create a rough estimate of who you're inviting to your wedding and a realistic figure of how many guests you expect to attend. This will let you know the size of the venue that is required and how much you will be paying per head.

  • Since the venue plays a huge role in setting the tone and overall aesthetic for the day, really pay attention to its features and the mood that it gives off, look at the lighting, flooring, carpet colours, the use of space, colour of the walls.

  • Begin to envision whether your theme could really work in this environment and how much work would be needed in order for it to be all that you hope for it to be.

  • Take a look at what the venue is willing to provide, such as tables, crockery, chairs, table cloths etc. As well as any decorative restrictions they may have.

  • Asking questions about what is included as well as any restrictions will make you aware of any decorative limitations that may be fundamental to your chosen theme (e.g. romantic wedding with rose petals and candles may not be possible in certain venues due to health and safety reasons).

  • Please be aware that your wedding date will probably depend on when the venue is available. If you’re more flexible and can get married in a few different locations, you have more freedom here to pick and choose.

  • But if your dream venue is only available on certain days of the year, would you be willing to be flexible?

  • Many popular places get booked up years in advance, so it’s definitely something to consider if you have your heart set on a dream location.

So, when it comes to choosing your theme, finding inspiration is key, but transitioning an idea into a reality is looking beyond the colours and styles. It’s seeing how these choices can be accommodated by your season, venue and budget preference.

So keep safe and see you in our next blog post.



Updated: Jan 4


And just like that we have started a new decade, it's time for us to get ready for another busy wedding season!

If you didn’t catch up in our previous blog, we've started a new series enabling and empowering brides with the tools to confidently identify and choose their perfect style for their wedding day, so be sure to read our previous posts on how to find your wedding theme.

Setting a theme is more than just adding a few accessories to a room, every element plays a critical role in enhancing and accentuating the atmosphere of the day. Yet, time and time again I see brides with beautiful visions compromise their ideas by not paying enough attention to their season, budget and venue choice. These factors tend to be overlooked when planning a wedding, resulting in inconsistencies in the fluidity and style of the day.

So, in today’s post we will discuss and explore the influence that budget has on your wedding colour, style and overall theme.

Tip Number One: BUDGET

IMPORTANT: When planning make sure you figure out how much you can afford and how much you are happy to spend, as soon as possible.

With the average wedding costing around £30 000 in London, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a budget when planning your wedding. This should be the first thing you discuss with your spouse once you have announced your engagement.

Knowing how much you are willing to spend on your wedding day gives you the opportunity to allocate your budget accordingly. Your allocated budget will be the main factor to determine how elaborate your wedding will be, so please be realistic when choosing a style for your big day as certain elements and designs will cost more money than others.

Once you know how much you are willing to spend on your wedding, take off 10-15% as a decent contingency plan for unexpected costs that may arise during the planning process.

Decide on your priorities by making a list of the things that are most important to you for your wedding, whether it's the decoration, the photographer, the food or whatever is non-negotiable for you. Try to limit it to six or seven elements at most.

Example: If you know that food and music are most important, choose a simple decorative design with flowers in season to reduce cost, that way you are able to prioritise on what matters to you without completely compromising on style. It's also wise to make a note of the elements that don't really matter to you so that you can allocated a bit more money to certain elements and opt for less expensive items for things that are not that important.

Keeping to this list will enable you to prioritise what is truly important to you as it is very easy to get blown away with insignificant elements when planning.

Finally, if you are getting any contribution from parents or relatives, be sure to ask them to be clear about their expectations and what they are. The last thing you want during the planning process is a misunderstanding or having to compromise on your style because your mum wants you to wear a certain style of dress or use a specific type of flower that will clash with your wedding theme or colour.

Happy new year once again and I cannot wait to share a bit more on our next blog post.

Stay tuned!


Updated: Jan 4

Researching IS overwhelming as there are so many options available, so my next suggestion would be to create a mood board, whether that is a physical or digital mood board (Pinterest).

Although researching will still be quite daunting, if you do, choose to get to know yourselves (likes/dislikes) it will make filtering even within this process a lot easier.

Personal Inspiration


You can never assume anything these days, so for those who may not know what PINTEREST is, it is a search engine that enables you to find inspiration and ideas about ANYTHING, giving you the opportunity to create mood boards and save all your ideas.

It is a force to be reckoned with. It leads you down a never ending path, drawing your attention to everything you never really knew you desired or needed in your life, until you saw it and obviously had to pin it.

In all seriousness, it is an amazing tool to use as a guide to understand and develop your preferences for your special day.

Look at as many photos as you can and save the ones you love the most. Then, after a while, you’ll notice that all your saved pictures seem to follow a specific trend which is usually the theme/trend that will speak to you the most.

As Pinterest incorporates images from all over the world, you need to be aware that certain ideas/visions may not be as easy to replicate in the UK (or your home country).

If you opt for a style, venue (or even types of flowers) that come from a different climate you will have to pay extra for the decorator to source all of these elements to create that vision.

When searching put "UK" (or wherever you wedding will be) as it will give you a more accurate idea of what is available to you, and from there you can decide.

REMEMBER: It’s easy to get lost in the search so always remember to take breaks and clear your mind. While your wedding aesthetic is important, remember that some details are less important than others and most importantly trust your gut feeling.

Personal Inspiration

Tip Number Four: DON’T GIVE UP

Choosing a wedding theme isn’t easy so don’t beat yourself up about not knowing what you want. It doesn’t matter whether it takes weeks or months to choose a theme that you love!

It is your special day and you shouldn’t have to settle for less. Take your time and really think about what you want as this will influence the season, venue, colours (the fluidity) of your day. It is better to take a little longer and love it, than to not be so sure and having to end up making changes along the way (this will cost a pretty penny).

I hope this will help in finding the perfect theme for your wedding or any special event you are planning. In the meantime don't hesitate to share, comment and let me know how you've manage to find a theme that both you and your spouse loved.

Until next month,



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