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Finding Inspiration: Part 2

Updated: Feb 13

Researching IS overwhelming as there are so many options available, so my next suggestion would be to create a mood board, whether that is a physical or digital mood board (Pinterest).

Although researching will still be quite daunting, if you do, choose to get to know yourselves (likes/dislikes) it will make filtering even within this process a lot easier.

Personal Inspiration


You can never assume anything these days, so for those who may not know what PINTEREST is, it is a search engine that enables you to find inspiration and ideas about ANYTHING, giving you the opportunity to create mood boards and save all your ideas.

It is a force to be reckoned with. It leads you down a never ending path, drawing your attention to everything you never really knew you desired or needed in your life, until you saw it and obviously had to pin it.

In all seriousness, it is an amazing tool to use as a guide to understand and develop your preferences for your special day.

Look at as many photos as you can and save the ones you love the most. Then, after a while, you’ll notice that all your saved pictures seem to follow a specific trend which is usually the theme/trend that will speak to you the most.

As Pinterest incorporates images from all over the world, you need to be aware that certain ideas/visions may not be as easy to replicate in the UK (or your home country).

If you opt for a style, venue (or even types of flowers) that come from a different climate you will have to pay extra for the decorator to source all of these elements to create that vision.

When searching put "UK" (or wherever you wedding will be) as it will give you a more accurate idea of what is available to you, and from there you can decide.

REMEMBER: It’s easy to get lost in the search so always remember to take breaks and clear your mind. While your wedding aesthetic is important, remember that some details are less important than others and most importantly trust your gut feeling.

Personal Inspiration

Tip Number Four: DON’T GIVE UP

Choosing a wedding theme isn’t easy so don’t beat yourself up about not knowing what you want. It doesn’t matter whether it takes weeks or months to choose a theme that you love!

It is your special day and you shouldn’t have to settle for less. Take your time and really think about what you want as this will influence the season, venue, colours (the fluidity) of your day. It is better to take a little longer and love it, than to not be so sure and having to end up making changes along the way (this will cost a pretty penny).

I hope this will help in finding the perfect theme for your wedding or any special event you are planning. In the meantime don't hesitate to share, comment and let me know how you've manage to find a theme that both you and your spouse loved.

Until next month,




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