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Updated: Feb 13

My name is Mannuela, I am the creative director of Florissa Designs, a Bespoke Floral and Event Design company based in London, United Kingdom.


You wouldn't believe me if I told you about the many pre-conceived ideas I have had about the #styling industry. From whether it is even possible to grasp the essence of a captivating idea and turn it into a reality, or whether it's possible to achieve a beautiful event and whether it's even worth all the trouble. In all honesty, it goes without saying that with every mistake and the many years of up's and down's that I have experienced; accompanied by the unexplainable joy that eclipse the eyes of my clients. I can wholeheartedly testify that it is not only achievable and attainable to create a beautiful event, but it is utterly and completely worth it. WHY? Because styling isn't just about making something look appealing. Styling transforms and sets the atmosphere for the event, it has the power to set the entire feel for the day, as it brings the theme to life, through the way it accentuates the venue, through its textures, tones and everything in between.


I sit before you today, with five unexpected years within the styling industry that have been shy of perfect, and in all honesty, I wouldn't have it any other way. These years have not only enabled me to refine and cultivate my skills. But with every mishap; I have been able to plan and decorate the most effective, efficient and wonderful events. From how to budget effectively, to prioritise what is most important to the client when planning the event. Such as picking a breathtaking venue so there isn't a need for so much #decor, or the ability to identify the fundamental elements of an idea that sets the scene for the day. To the best choice of flowers and colour schemes that reflect the client's concept without creating discord between their vision, venue and choice of wedding season. Although hands-on experience is the best teacher, I also completed a two-year foundation degree at the University of Arts, London, studying event management and floral design, needless to say, this course ignited my love for #floristry and floral design. (You are definitely in safe hands!) Through my blog, I want to share every piece of the puzzle when it comes to planning, designing and organising a successful #wedding or #event. From preparation and budgeting, to how to save efficiently and effectively, choosing quality vendors, as well as addressing what DIY truly makes the wedding.


Stay tuned for our next blog post where I will be sharing a bit more about consultations and the best questions to ask your event stylist.

Until then, have a blessed week.

Much Love!



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